Saturday, August 23, 2008

Exploitation of an encient profession

All these years world has witnessed the rise and fall in almost all the fields and industries from dynasties, civilizations to the present information technology.but the one industry that has been blooming from the time immemorial, whether its the war time or famine,has been left unnoticied.It is none other than the world's oldest profession -"the prostitution".The profession which once was once associated with religion and divinity is now suffering miserably at the hand of politics and law.The plights of the prostitues are not any different.

Looking deep in to the rich culture and heritage of our country,it will not be complete without mentioning about the 'devadasis', as the prostitutes in india were commonly known as.Devadasis enjoyed a high status ,respect and acceptance in the Indian society.To be a devadasi was considered to be of great significance.Studying the life of Devadasis and the freedom they enjoyed in the society,we get an insight of how the rulers anticipated this basic need of every human being.And the result was the low rate of violence and crimes related to sex.
Nobody can lead a fully content life without the proper fulfillment of the urge to indulge in sex.But sex is made as a taboo in today's society. And probably that may be the reason for the high rate of sex related crimes in the country now.

How can prostitution be called a social evil when thousands of women involved in this profession are every day serving and fulfilling the sexual urge of many people irrespective of their class,caste,religion,colour,place and language.Unfulfilled urges can cause severe problems of depression and anxiety.A depressed section can hinder the development of our country.Every man may not have the circumstances to fulfill his basic desire in the way that pleases the society.And for those people prostitues are the only hope.Thus the prostitues are serving the society in a way.

Sex is not a crime and so is the case of prostitution.Crime occures only with the violation of ones human rights.So how can prostitution be crime as long as it does not volate anyones rights?.
In India there are many full time prostitute who are in this profession merely for survivsl and many part time professionals including young college girls from well to do families who do that just for the sake of pleasure or for an extra income.Let it be for survival or pleasure,can such a willful act without any evil intentions be called illegal or unnatural?

what makes the prostitution a crime is the intermediate agents , the PIMPS and the MADAMS , functioning as mediators among the prostitutes and their customers and thereby exploiting them for their own selfish motives.They are the real profit makers of this flesh trade.

The condition of the prostitutes is the worst in India.The people who once enjoyed a high status and moral in the society have fallen in to the level of outcastes.But many need them and and are using them is the sole reality.there customers includeeveryone from common man,poliyicians and government officials to the law enforcers of the country.Then why are thr laws of the land against their profession?

Poverty and unemployment are the two main reasons that lead young girls to prostitution.The mask of culture and dignity cannot be held long with an empty stomach.Many of them underaged girls are forced into this profession by their parents or close reletives.While some are lured by false promises of marriage or job.,are later abducted and are sold to various brothels across the country and abroad.But once they enter in to this profession they are miserably tortured,sexually abused and sometimes even raped by the agents and pimps.The discrimination against them goes unnoticed.And the worst part of the story is that they do not even get the aid of law as the laws are against their profession.

The prostitutes earn good amount of money but still their life remains miserable as huge share of what they earn goes in to the hands of the agents and madams.Sexually transmitted diseases and its vulnerability among them make their condition still worse .Eventhough there are many laws in this country to protect the rights of women and prevemnt their exploitation but none are sufficient to protect the human rights of the prostitues .
Many measures have been taken by the government to eradicate prostitution .But as long as the basic instincts of human beings are not going to change ,it is impossible to eradicate prostitution .This is clear from the fact that in spite of taking various measures by sevaral world nations,none of them have been found to succeed in eradicating prostitution .Prostitution is still growing unchecked.Then what can be done to effectively eradicate prostitution?

The truth is that the prostitution will remain as long as human race exists.It is better to accept this sole reality than to blindly hold on to the culture .the government should take steps to ensure that the basic human and social rights of the prostitutes are protected.Exploitation against them should be severely dealt with .A woman should choose this profession at her own will and not forced into it by the pimps and madams .Pimping and not prostitution should be made a punishable crime.Also awareness must be brought among the prostitution regarding methods of safe sex and and various sexually transmitted diseases.Brothels should be brought under government control and prostitues should be issued identity cards indicating their health status.All thease objectives can be achieved only if the law is efficient enough to penetrate deep in to this field.So the only ways to achieve thease objectives are by legalising prostitution.This will surely give the government an upper hand in dealing with the underground mafias involved in the abduction , trafficking and exploitation of women and entry of underaged girls in to this profession.Thus there living standards can be improved and the profession can be cleared of injusties and exploitation.


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