Monday, September 1, 2008

Sell god and make money(stains of blood is seen every where)-The new developing trade

Sandeep Salim
The present world is a world of celebrations and festivals. However the truth takes us beyond the masked realities and business motives. There are numerous crores of people in this world who are starving while the developed countries are spending trillions of dollars on defense budget(war and weapon).They are not unaware of lakh s of dead bodies in Sudan and Somalia; of the deadly outbreaks in South Africa; of the robbing eyes of the kids who are orphaned; of the unrevealed hostilities of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is the truth in the phrase of love and peace forwarded by all the religions of the world, where is GOD? Is he DEAD?

GOD is not dead. Man will not let him die. Man will not loose faith in religion as long as there is fear of death. Death is inevitable; you cannot escape the end, by power or money. It is the necessary rule of nature. All the religions have a prescribed code for peaceful coexistence of all human beings, but people have manipulated the ethics for their selfish motives. Religion seems to be the adjustment and compromise between man and death. But we must not forget only individuals can die but not the masses. We have become blind followers of faith and religion but we never try to reason it.

Religion is live flowers but we have fabricated it and made it scentless paper roses. Like flower cannot survive with out its true aroma, religion will decay without its true values. A man who follows the real standards and ideals of religion is a real man and is bourn to live great.

When scientific progress and societal traditions divert man’s attention and focus it is faith is religion that gives him true solace. It is not easy to do away with God in ones life though it may be highly material. Far from the dreadful realities of modernization man seeks refugee in religion. This is an era of transition where God and the faith both are going through a series of changes. The faith of the believers is questioned rather than the ideologies of atheists. There were sons who outsource their father’s funeral from America to their natives in India for making profits of mere Rs 750. The market value of God is growing. God has become a marketing commodity controlled by campaign managers and marketing executives. Today you cannot find God in bread loafs but a source of million dollar business, prayers are no more humble confession but evil pretensions.

God is hijacked, looted and defamed in every street as the bombs that destroyed Palestine, the shells that buried Iraq, announcing the birth of Satan. The birth of democracy and humanity is celebrated as the victory of imperialists. The holy cross is burning and idols are crying, the stains of blood is seen every where.

The God who prayed for the good sake of the buglers and prostitutes is now trapped in the spell of black magicians. Can the faith of believers bring him back to this world? is the important question left unanswered.

What has happened an is happening in the world gives us the clue that this century is becoming an era of terror. This fate can be avoided only if the religions are pulled back to their original state. Today the ideologies of religions are misinterpreted by various people for their selfish motives. This is not just another piece of creative article but a historical truth.