Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is political / diplomatic approach a solution to end terrorism ?

Sandeep Salim

Terrorism is the problem not only in India but all over the world. The entire humanity is the victim of violence due to terrorism and war. There is a great danger to the existence of human beings and their belongings.

We must accept the fact that the future of the children, their safety, security and happiness has been clouded due to terrorism. When this is the situation, a strong step is necessary to root out terrorism. In the past, a dispute between two or more than two countries was sorted out through war. But these days some countries are showing their cowardly actions through proxy war and terrorism. Such actions have smashed the freedom, security and safety of mankind and have made people's lives restless and unsafe. Terrorists are sheltered and aided by some organizations or countries for fulfilling their vested interests. It is necessary to go in to the details and causes of terrorism and sort out through political or diplomatic means.

It will be necessary to enforce international law on terrorism, to be followed by all the countries. Any violation should be subject to imposing sanction as well as segregation from world community. There should also be the law to put down those countries that are encouraging terrorism.

Instead of striking the terrorists or the country, It should be necessary to ascertain the root cause of terrorism, that is to be sorted out politically, diplomatically, through dialogues and mutual understandings, if necessary mediation.

There are some countries supporting terrorists organizations in the world (pak, afgan etc), and it will be necessary to discard such organizations or countries by war or to disarm the terrorists by force is not the way to end terrorism.

Since terrorism is the entire world's problem, it is necessary and will be effective if the public representatives , conscious citizens, media persons create the right atmosphere for building public opinion and trust in favor of world parliament / UNO so that the international disputes could be solved out through arbitration and consensus to remove terrorism completely.


sajeesh said...

hello sandeep,this is sajeesh here.it was a bit late for me to respond to your blog.i wanted to leave a comment on your post regarding terrorism.Well i personally do not believe that terrorism is real.My entire thinking about terrorism in the world changed when i got my hands on a movie called the zeitgeist.I always wanted to screen this movie during our college days at kjc.The video is all about the truth of 9/11 attacks.It claims that the 9/11 attacks on the trade center was an inside job.Osama and group had nothing to do with the attacks.America wanted to set up permanent military bases in Iraq and hence needed a reason to go out there to fight.'divide and conquer' is the policy used here.Now the main intention here is to blind the public at large about the truth and manipulate thinking of people.The media can convince all that the war on terror is real,but that is not the truth.Sandeep please open your eyes and see deep within and you will understand what is happemimg around you.Well,the ultimate goal here is to form a world government.We have European Union and African Union,similarly there was an unannounced attempt by the Bush administration to form an North American Union by merging us mexico and canada.The Asian union too will soon be formed.These for unions will be merged to form the final stages of what these men behind the curtain have been working for over 60 years,and that is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Unknown said...
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geeta said...

Sandeep, your article is timely in the present situation.The root causes of terrorism are many,according to me.Yesterday there was a news that an NRI shot dead his wife in church.Isn't also a case of terrorism? In my school one parent burnt his son's hands with an iron box and marks of beating was visible on his cheeks.In my old school one girl came with burning injuries on face(done by her own mother).One of my collegues was sent out of her house by her husband.What do these show?People are becoming too arrogant and impatient to the extent of terrorising their own family members.

Saji Parekattil said...

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